FAQs - My Account

Do I need an account?

No. All of the free downloads, information and advice on our website is accessible all members of the public. Unlike most other 11 plus websites we do not ask you for an email address and to become a member purely to access information and downloads of our site or to buy from our shop.

We only ask for information that is necessary to process your order such as name, address, email address and details of your payment method. An email address is necessary for your order confirmation and downlink links to be sent to you. To register with us the only additional information we ask of you is a password so that you can login to your account. We recommend that you register because of the benefits below.

The benefits of an account are:

  • It's free and safe as we do not store your card details
  • Faster and easier checkout next time you order
  • You can store multiple delivery addresses
  • No need to re-enter your name and address each time
  • Review your past orders and print invoices
  • You can rate and review our products
  • You can also add and store items to a wishlist
  • Easy access to your download links for digital products

I have trouble logging in

Make sure you have typed your email address and password correctly and that you have not left a space after the email address. Passwords are case sensitive.

Click on 'Forgotten your password' link at the Sign-In window and then enter your email address. We'll then send you an instant email with a link to reset your password.