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Why should I buy from ElevenPlusExams.co.uk?

With 11+ being such a crucial event in your child’s education, you want to sure that you get the best possible material, information and service. We believe we can provide this better than any other 11+ provider as we are the largest and longest established 11 plus provider online:

  • Do you need expert guidance on what to buy for your target school? As 11 plus specialists we can help and guide you on what to buy and recommend the right materials.  Large suppliers such as Amazon or WHS Smith will not have this expertise to make recommendations.  Many other 11 plus websites do not have a telephone number or are biased as they only sell their own products.
  • Do you want the best quality practice material for your child? We will not sell any 11 plus material on our website that has not been quality approved by our panel of teachers, examiners and professionals authors as being suitable. Many other 11 plus sites are selling their own E-papers that are of poor quality, do not contain all the correct question types or reflect the true level of difficulty. It is very easy for anyone to create and release an E-paper for sale or free download without going through any quality testing. 
  • Do you want fast delivery? All orders received by 2pm are dispatched on the same day (Monday to Friday) otherwise, they are dispatched the next business day. This is especially important in the lead up to the exams. Whilst larger supplies such as Amazon offer a faster delivery service, this is not always suitable if items are not always in stock or arrive in separate parcels.  We often receive orders from distressed parents in the lead up to the exams because their Amazon order was up to 6 weeks late!
  • Do you want the convenience of being able to buy everything you will ever need for 11+ from one place? We stock and sell over 600 book titles and 175 downloadable E-papers. Most customers make multiple purchases over a period of time and find it easier to purchase everything from one store.
  • Stock updates - our shop checks stock status at the checkout point so if the item is no longer in stock you will not be able to complete your purchase. You will have peace of mind knowing that your completed order will be fulfilled.

What is an ISBN number?

This is a 10 digit or 13 digit number which is unique number for the publication of every single book. The number is printed on the back of every book usually underneath the bar code.

If you know the ISBN number of the book you want, you can easily find it by typing this number in the search box. Due to the fact that we only sell titles that are mainly 11 plus you probably don’t need to type in the whole ISBN number in the search box in order to find the book. Usually, you can find the book by using just the last 4 numbers of the ISBN.

Why do some books have two ISBN numbers?

Two ISBN numbers does not mean that there are two editions or versions of the same book. On January 1, 2007, the book industry starting to use 13 digit ISBNs mainly to expand the numbering system with a view to replacing the 10 digit number so that all titles eventually use only the 13 digit number.

All new publications use the 13 digit number but for existing titles that were published prior to 1 January 2007, during the transition period, publishers are still using both the 10 digit as well as the new 13 digit number.

Both numbers are still unique to that title and so can be used to find the title.

What is an E-paper?

This is an 11 plus paper available in PDF format which you can download and print at home. You should only purchase this if you have access to a computer and printer. We are unable to print E-papers and post them to you. If you wish to buy ready printed papers you can purchase these from the books section of our 11 plus shop.

I am having difficulty downloading an E-paper?

E-papers are in PDF format. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file. This software is free and it is likely to be already installed on your computer. If it is not, you can download a free copy from this link: http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader.

The information at this link gives more information to help you.