Punctuation Rules and Practice 2 by Susan Daughtrey
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Punctuation Rules and Practice 2 by Susan Daughtrey

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ISBN 9781898696803

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ISBN 9781898696803

ABOUT THIS SERIES OF BOOKS It is generally recognised that many children at KEY STAGE 3 lack the basic English skills which affect performance in all school subjects and in later employment. 

The traditional teaching of English relies heavily on memory-based methods with little emphasis on the understanding and appreciation of the Rules of English. 

This Series of Books is RULE based and provides a structure within which the child is equipped with the tools and skills necessary to overcome these difficulties. 

This Series of English Books, covering the three main areas of SPELLING, PUNCTUATION, and GRAMMAR is based on the following tried and tested teaching principles: BASIC CONCEPTS are defined and explained to establish a framework within which learning can take place RULES applicable to the basic concepts are identified with reference to many examples and noted exceptions PRACTICE EXERCISES for the child to complete, test the application and understanding of the Rules. 

The use of other reference materials, such as a dictionary and Thesaurus, is encouraged RULE SUMMARIES test the understanding of the Rules, enhance memory recall and form the basis of a comprehensive REVISION CARD system created by the child for future reference.The Rules, Revision Cards and Practice Exercises should be regularly reviewed and revised to improved familiarisation and recall and thus help develop these essential Life-time Skills.

These books are aimed at KEY STAGE 3, children aged 11 to 14 but have wider application to the needs of the older student with English difficulties and the younger child able to appreciate Rule-based learning.

This Series of Books is best studied in sequence as the later books reinforce the Rules contained in the earlier books.

The guidance and encouragement of parents and teachers is recommended if the child is to complete the course and perform the Practice Exercises correctly. 

Working through this Series of English Books will stimulate the child's interest in English and develop their confidence in other school subjects.

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